Purpose – The purpose of the Quality Service Program is to:

  • ensure members concerns are documented and dealt with in a timely manner
  • ensure management is aware of member’s concerns and to initiate Procedural changes if required
  • ensure openness to the membership that the credit union has procedures in place for problem resolution

For the purpose of this document:

  • “Concern” is defined as any concern/problem a member has with the operations of the credit union, their account, a staff member or the credit union facilities.
  • “Form” refers to the document titled “Quality Service Program Control”
  • “Log” refers to the document titled “Quality Service Program Log”

The Quality Service Program uses a 5 step program to resolve a member’s “Concern” which includes communications with management and is available on the credit union website and upon demand by any member.

Step 1 – Introducing the Concern

The first step is to identify and document a member’s concern. Using the “Form” a staff member will document all the details of the member’s “Concern” including a contact number to reach the member.

Step 2 – Logging Member’s Concern

Once the “Form” has been completed the staff member will forward the”Form” to their immediate Supervisor/Manager for input to the “Log” and immediate investigation. The only two deviations to Step 2 are:

  • if a Supervisor/Manager receives the “Concern” they will input the information on the log and start immediate investigation.
  • if the “Concern” is regarding the immediate Supervisor/Manager the “Form” must be forwarded to the next level of management and in the case of the President the “Concern” will be forwarded to the CEO or COO.

Step 3 – Response

After investigation the appropriate Response must be documented on the “Form” and “Log” and the member contacted. In most cases the response must be within 2 business days.

Step 4 – Follow-up

If required all follow-up must be documented on the “Form” and “Log” with all details including the date the member was advised.

Step 5 – Final Signoff

When the “Concern” has been dealt with the final step is the approval of the President, or in the case that the “Concern” is regarding the President the CEO or COO will approve. While the President may be involved in any step the sign off signifies that the “Concern” has been dealt with in the most efficient manner and the Credit Union has modified procedures, if possible, to ensure the “Concern” will not happen in the future.


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