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FAT CAT® Account

This starter account is for children up to the age of 13. It introduces young people to financial services and helps them to save money. We will deposit the initial $25 common share requirement on all new FAT CAT® Account. ATM access is not available on the FAT CAT® Account.


The HEADSTART® Account provides young members from 13 to 18 years of age with a MEMBER CARD® Debit Card and ATM access. To encourage responsible financial planning, this account provides the benefits of a savings and chequing account. Legacy Savings will deposit the initial $25 common share requirement on all new HEADSTART® Account. This account is available to members up to the age of 23 if they are attending a post-secondary school.

With the HEADSTART® Account, you receive:

  • 4 Free Cheque/Debits
  • 4 Free INTERAC® Direct Payment purchases
  • Free ATM deposits
  • 4 Free ATM withdrawals
  • 2 Free ATM inquiries

Registered Education Savings Plan

With a Registered Education Savings Plan you help your children or grandchildren pay for their future education. Beneficiaries may be eligible for provincial and federal grants to help grow their education nestegg even faster.

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