Joining Legacy Savings has many benefits

I joined Legacy Savings, to support local business, to be part of a company that I’m not just a numbered account, with faces I recognize and that recognize me when I walk in. To support a company that supports the community. For the friendly, informative, helpful staff that don’t have you leaving wondering if you made the right choices for you with your money.

Thanks – Dale R.

As a member of Legacy Savings, you can expect a different – and better – banking experience. Say ‘yes’ to your credit union and open a new financial relationship where you truly belong. Enjoy Legacy Savings’ one-of-a-kind banking for one-of-a-kind people like you:

Products & services you can believe in: 

Our products and services are not ‘one size fits all’. Instead, the products and services you receive from us are designed specifically for the people within our bond. Chances are, our products will fit your needs better than the rest. Take a look at our accounts, investments and lending services.

100% deposit guarantee: 

Your deposits, including interest earned, are 100% guaranteed up to any amount. Find out more about this rock solid deposit guarantee, unique to credit unions.

Profit sharing:

The credit union Board of Directors may declare Common Share Dividends, Patronage Rebates or both. What does this mean? It means that members like you receive a share in your credit union’s wealth.

Local board and management:

At Legacy Savings, you have access to the highest level of management and even the Board of Directors. If you need to speak with management, you can. It’s that simple. Meet your Board of Directors.

Equal ownership, equal say:

You own a piece of your credit union, and have the same say in the overall direction of the Credit Union as any other member, regardless of the amount of business you have with us. We do not have majority shareholders making decisions for all. We operate on “one member, one vote”, an integral concept to all cooperatives and one that we strongly believe in and adhere to.

Democratic operation:

Every year, we hold an Annual Meeting  where members like you elect a Board of Directors. At the meeting you also have an opportunity to voice your opinion on your credit union’s operations, and vote on the affairs of your credit union.

Community support:

When you support your credit union, you support your community. Legacy Savings & Credit Union is involved in our communities in a number of ways. From annual scholarships to donating time and funds to related organizations to providing members an online space of their own to post goods and services, discuss interests and just plain connect.


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