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As a member of Legacy Savings & Credit Union Ltd. you share a common bond with over 2,900 fellow members – people with similar careers, similar hopes, similar dreams. You share a strong and proud history, spanning over 70 years, of members helping members.
You can expect a different – and better – banking experience. Say ‘yes’ to your credit union and open a new financial relationship where you truly belong. Enjoy Legacy Savings’ one-of-a-kind banking for one-of-a-kind people like you.
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Amalgamation Approved Unanimously!

Legacy Savings held a special meeting on June 23, 2015 to discuss and vote on the Resolution to Amalgamate with City Plus Credit Union.
With 57 people in attendance, we achieved quorum. We are pleased to announce that the resolution was approved unanimously by both Legacy Savings and City Plus members in attendance.
Download a summary of the presentation.
Thank you to all who attended the meeting. There’s much work – and many benefits to all members – ahead

At your credit union, fees remain stable

You have likely seen or read lately that Canada’s big banks are raising fees because their ‘profits have been squeezed’. Yet in the last quarter of 2014, Canada’s five biggest banks earned a total of $7.4 billion of net income, up slightly from $7.3 billion a year ago. Yes, that’s billion!
Here are just two articles about the big banks wrongheaded move:

Huffington Post
Globe & Mail

We think the big banks are wrong. Because we’re a credit union, we don’t have to answer to far away shareholders –because YOU are our shareholders.
Legacy Savings is proud to be holding our fees stable. At Legacy Savings, you come first – always.
Say good-bye to the big guys and hello to your local, member-owned credit union.

2014 Annual Report

Thank you to all those who attended our Annual General Meeting on February 24, 2015.
Our annual report is now available online at this link.

Attention: RRSP and RRIF Plan Holders

The Credit Union RSP Declaration of Trust and Credit Union RIF Declaration of Trust have been revised, effective January 1st, 2015. Click on the links below to view the revised documents.

2015 RSP Declaration of Trust
2015 RIF Declaration of Trust

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